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We are a fully accredited provider for various qualification and skills programmes; with our e-learning solutions being adaptable to suit individual development goals, as well as organisational objectives.

It is our goal to bring education, skills development, and accredited online training to every person in Africa, and beyond. We aim to help grow people by creating an interactive e-learning environment that promotes knowledge-wealth, inspires confidence, and encourages continuous development.

Our interactive learning experience is easy to implement, it is engaging, and develops knowledge and experience on various levels.


You-Campus provides an e-learning platform that hosts knowledge and skills development courses to empower you in acquiring the critical skills needed to successfully respond to the challenges the 4th industrial revolution poses to us. According to the World Economic Forum, these skills are:


Complex problem-solving


Critical thinking




People management


Coordinating with others


Emotional intelligence


Judgement and decision-making


Service orientation




Cognitive flexibility

You-Campus recognises the need for digital transformation in the learning landscape.  Our strategy is simple – to provide digital solutions that allow for greater access to skills development. Our digital solutions are designed to meet the characteristics that are relevant to digital learning, namely, on-demand availability, self-directed, customised, enjoyable and leads to profound engagement of learners.

e-Learning Solutions

We are progressively moving towards a digital world, and as a result our learning material and methodologies enable organisations and individuals to partake in coursework, remotely.

Having said this, we believe that the goal behind every learning and development venture, should be to create a ‘habit’ of continuous learning to enhance personal success. Our e-learning solutions enable organisations and individuals to grow and learn at any time, and at any place.

Not only does our e-learning solutions provide customers with relevant and up-to-date learning content, as well as customisable learning content; but it also allows for our customers the opportunity to host their own training material on our platform. You-Campus also provides a learner management system that supports organisations with the administration and reporting of the training activities that their employees are registered for on our platform.

e-Learning Training

We offer a variety of accredited training programmes and short courses, using our digital learning technology.

e-Learning Platform

Have the option to host, white label, or customise learning material on our interactive e-learning platform.


Learner Management

Explore the coordination and administrative support related to our learner management solution.

Why us?

By doing business with You-Campus, you can reap the benefits from our competitive edge.

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As an individual enrolling for a course on You-Campus, you will:
  • Develop your skills and knowledge through an interactive learning experience that can be applied in the everyday context.
  • Gain a personalised learning experience by having access to a network of professionals that can further assist you in your development process.

  • Join the You-Campus community where You can reap the benefits of several initiatives aimed at not only the development and enhancement of skills but also creating networking opportunities with like-minded people.
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    As a business tapping into You-Campus, you will deal with a business partner that:
  • Has a client-centred mindset, where your training and development needs are translated into a range of fit-for-purpose solutions.
  • Offers personalised, learning experiences to your employees by offering You-Campus training material, or hosting organisational-specific training material.
  • Is prepared to cater to a full spectrum of users - from complete faceless, voiceless experience (no contact/no name) to a very personal experience.
  • Shows flexibility in a training approach that can include face-to-face group training or a blended approach.
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    Never underestimating the power of knowledge, Nelson Mandela stated that “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. Mandela’s wisdom is the source of inspiration for You-Campus.
    Never underestimating the power of knowledge, Nelson Mandela stated that “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. Mandela’s wisdom is the source of inspiration for You-Campus.

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