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Would you like to know a bit about You-Campus, our vision, what we stand for, and what make up our strengths and values? Then you have come to the right place!

Our assistance is sought after by those who not only value the importance of development, but by those who also want to maximise their learning opportunities. Our experience has given us the ability to streamline these learning opportunities, saving our clients time and providing them with complete peace of mind.

You-Campus has been categorized as a ‘trendy e-learning platform’ designed with YOU in mind. We strive to empower YOU with knowledge to change your world through a learning journey.

Our head office is based in Gauteng, South Africa; however, we have an international footprint; enabling us to offer customised, world-class e-learning solutions to individuals and organisations across the world. These digitised learning solutions span across various industry sectors and job titles. We aim to provide our customers with the knowledge to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy in their work.

Our objective is to close the gap between the skills needed and skills development. We do this by striving to be a lifelong learning institute that offers cutting-edge, value adding training and skills development courses; that generate knowledge wealth that can be applied both in personal and work contexts.

You-Campus is managed by a team of highly professional, skilled individuals with a passion for learning and development. You-Campus not only enhances YOUR learning journey but also connects you with world-class knowledge experts and like-minded individuals, who form part of our You-Campus community.

Our vision, what we stand for, our values, and our strengths are the cornerstones to realising our success. Everything we do focuses on empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their transformation objectives.

The You-Campus Vision

The vision of You-Campus is to create abundance in Africa, through a successful and innovative learning experience that equips YOU with contemporary and relevant knowledge and skills.

You-campus strives to empower you with skills and knowledge

What we stand for:

You-Campus strives to empower YOU with skills and knowledge by offering access to a trendy, yet affordable e-learning platform with high quality, interactive learning content. Our e-learning platform is designed to provide YOU with a high quality, personalised and interactive learning experience that will facilitate your impactful growth and development. Our entire service delivery – from facilitation, to the assessment and moderation of skills programmes, is done via our e-Learning platform.

You-Campus ensures a personalised learning experience that equips YOU with skills and knowledge to change YOUR world. With You-Campus, YOU get access to an affordable e-learning experience through high quality, interactive learning content.

We partner with organisations to ensure that learning commitments are translated into cost-effective solutions. With You-Campus, YOU get access to learning solutions such as hosting your customised learning content on the You-Campus platform or white labelling already existing You-Campus courses for YOUR benefit.

Our solutions are offered to organisations to release them of the administrative and repetitive nature of learner management. With You-Campus, learner management will be taken care of through an exceptional system, and by people who are specialists in the field of learning.

Our Values & Strengths

At You-Campus we remain committed to applying our values to everything that we do. The commitment to be a value-driven organisation has translated into strengths for both our business and the YOU-CAMPUS COMMUNITY.

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Our Values are:

Compassion: Care about the wellbeing of our fellow humans and the environment.
Innovation: Create timeous possibilities through our creativity, curiosity, and openness.
Drive: Centre excellence in everything we do.
Integrity: Claim an ethic of trustworthiness, reflexivity, accountability, and mutual respect in all our interactions.

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Our Strength lies in:

Our drive to offer excellent, personalised learning experiences.
Our innovative skills in building customised learning experiences and learning solutions.
Our integrity to empower you.
Our compassion for humanity, by offering affordable e-learning solutions and building corporate social investment partnerships with organisations that value the power of education.

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