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Accredited Training Programmes | Digital Learning Technology

You-Campus offers a variety of accredited qualifications, available in our content library, and have been developed by leading academics.

Our accredited qualifications comprise of training content contextualised per industry and occupation. Furthermore, all our credit-bearing training programmes are aligned with SAQA.

Our qualifications can be delivered through a fully online training method or through a blended training method.

  • Online training method: The online method entails full online access to the training material allowing for a flexible self-paced learning approach whilst adhering to the predetermined training schedule. No class attendance will be required. Learners submit POE’s and assessments online. Evaluation feedback is also sent via the online platform.
  • Blended training method: The blended method entails full online access to the training material. Monthly virtual classes are included to facilitate understanding and application of learning content. POE’s and assignments are submitted online after which a facilitator will provide personal virtual feedback.

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